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A whole lot of Jimmy, a little bit of

The Dead and the best of Trop Rock, 

Country, Acoustic Rock & Blues.

Dave Hartranft is "Dead Jimmy".

With musical influences that include: Jimmy Buffett, 

Jim Croce, Garth Brooks, Jerry Garcia, Hank Williams Sr., The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Johnny Cash, and more, the music roots run deep. 


From the college and beach bars of the 80s Jersey Shore and greater northeast area, to the country roadhouses, and openers for Nashville greats of the "Urban Cowboy" boom, an eclectic trip leads full circle back to the beach in heart, mind, body and soul.


When not performing in the sand, wanting to be. When not on an island, singing or writing about one. Always in Margaritaville by way of "Margareedsville" with a Pirate Flag, Six String, Parrot Head Friends

and a Blonde Island Girl.

"I don't need an Island to get wasted away, 

I'm my own Margaritaville."

– Dead Jimmy,

Title track – "I'm my own Margaritaville."

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